10 Weeks BodyChange®

What is 10 Weeks BodyChange® ?

Sometimes, it pays off to know a foreign language reasonably well. In this case, it did. The blockbuster weight loss program promoted by wrestling superstar John Cena has a predecessor – in Europe. It is called “10 Weeks BodyChange®” or 10 WBC for short. The program has been marketed online for two years, and it has been remarkably successful – both economically and as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. If you read German, you can find the best information (in my opinion) about 10 Weeks BodyChange (European version) here – other wise, please read on.

The program states its objective as follows:
We will help you to change your body and to achieve a completely new body feeling within ten weeks.

Does it work? Well, by mid-summer 2013, participants had lost a combined 1.000.000 kilograms (2.204.622 lbs). The homepage has more than 234.000 Likes. And the makers of 10 WBC claim a customer satisfaction rate of 96 percent. And they obviously believe their claims: They offer a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked – quite impressive when you consider that the entire program is geared for 70 days. So almost until half-time, you can claim your entire money back.

So what makes 10WBC so successful?

The program has combined several key factors:

  1. A Personal Trainer. Frequently, when we read of celebrities having lost significant amounts of body weight, after a pregnancy for example, we also learn that this feat was achieved with the help of a personal trainer. Some personal trainers have become celebrities themselves. 10 Weeks BodyChange has transferred this concept online. In the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), a well-known dancer, choreograph and juror in the German pendant of “America’s Got Talent” is the online personal trainer: Detlef D! Soost. He took off more than 25 lbs himself and therefore has high credibility. Detlef D! Soost leads through the entire ten weeks, showing all the sports exercises which are geared to build muscle, explaining the principles of the diet, and last but not least continuously motivating his followers.
  2. A functional diet concept. The diet is based on the slow carb diet concept. The distinction between SLOW carb and LOW carb is of vital importance. LOW carb diets  reduce carbohydrates in your nutrition, forcing the body to gain its energy from fat and protein. SLOW carb diets do not simply reduce carbohydrates. Instead,  carbohydrates are selected according to their bioavailability. The sort of carbohydrates which are available very quickly, thus releasing very high amounts of insulin into the blood stream very shortly after intake, are prohibited. Insulin opens the gates into the cell for fat storage. However, there are carbohydrates which are more complicated in their molecular structure. The body needs more time and energy to split them up. Therefore, the blood stream will not be flooded by insulin. The insulin level will remain relatively steady, below the threshold which would allow more fat to be stored in the body cells.
    In addition, the diet is rich in protein and conducive to building muscle. Building muscle and reducing fat will increase the body’s metabolic rate at rest. More calories will be burnt every minute, making weight loss easier and faster.
  3. Building muscle. The sports program is geared towards optimum effectivity. The exercises are short. They involve a very high amount of the total muscle fibre of the body, and they have the objective of building muscle quickly. The program is not just about losing weight – it is about changing the body, towards a more muscular, slim, lean figure. 20 minutes twice weekly is the minimum dose. This should be achievable even for the most busy.

Apparently, it is the combination of all factors which will lead to a successful diet. While the claimed satisfaction rate of 96% seems to be rather high, the medium term success rate of more than 80 percent is an excellent value, well above all comparable programs.

The US pendant, promoted by John Cena, should be as effective. I will follow it here.